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Set OAM / OIM Log Levels Quickly for 11gR2 PS2

Out are the days of opening up an XML file and then bouncing servers to change the log files for the main systems. Here’s how to do it quick and easy: 1. Login to the Enterprise Manager 2. Go to: Identity and Access > OIM / OAM > oim( / oam( 3. From the server…


SSL Timeouts with Load Balancers after OAM Upgrade to 11gR2PS2

Pulling from some archival problems I’ve had in the past, I figured I should share them and their solutions here in case others are racking their brains on them. A while back I upgraded an OAM 11gR2 ( environment to OAM 11gR2PS2 ( and everything stopped working. More specifically, when I would send a request…


Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 Deployment Wizard with Amazon EC2 Setup Walkthrough

Wow, that’s a long title. =) My buddy Alex over at recently put up a posting about how to use the new Oracle Identity Management Deployment wizard to do the entire Fusion Middleware stack as basically a silent install. It’s pretty awesome. For most of us though, running these things locally consumes a massive…


Oracle Home vs. Middleware Home vs. Weblogic Home

A lot of people that are thrown into the fire of Oracle’s wonderful documentation of installing OIM / OAM / OID etc tend to get the ORACLE_HOME and MW_HOME variables mixed up. Here’s a nice graphic to help out:


Quick Test For Intermittent Web Issues

Do you work with load balancers with an Identity Management SSO solution? Yes? Then… IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT! Well, not really. But whenever a user can’t get to their app, they’ll immediately blame you for it =) A problem that I deal with time and time again is the problem of a load balancer failing,…