Retrieve the OID Schema using ldapsearch

Here’s a quick one for reference sake:

ldapsearch -h <HOST> -p <PORT> -D cn=orcladmin -w <PASSWORD> -x -b cn=subschemaSubentry -s base objectclass=*


.: Adam

How to convert AD objectGUID into OIM’s format

In a previous post, I uncovered how OIM talks with Active directory based on objectGUID values rather than samAccountName, or whatever else you may have setup in the Reconciliation Rules. This posed a problem for me, as I had 40K users with objectGUIDs from Production AD in a test environment. So obviously, none of the…


Real-time Reconciliation Between PeopleSoft and OIM

A lot of clients that install an Identity Management suite are looking for a major functionality with their reconciliation from their authoritative source(s)… Real-time data flow. This has always been a hinderance on the OIM side of things because it relies so heavily on Scheduled Tasks to do all of it’s data processing and marshaling.…