DollarSign Fails with invalid username/password

So, you’re cruising along, installing a new setup of OIM 11gR2 PS2. You’ve run the RCU to create the schemas, and even made a decent password like “Aw3s0mePa$w0rd”. Then you’ve moved on to down the steps to configuring your Weblogic domain and everything goes smoothly. Patch Set Assistant… no problems. Then, the¬† script… [1337¬†/u01/app/oracle/Middleware/oracle_common/common/bin]$ ./…


Oracle Identity and Access Management 11gR2 PS3 (Patch Set 3) Released

OIAM 11GR2PS3 is out!

Here’s the docs:

You can get all the software from

Don’t have time to delve into it all now, that’ll come later =)

.: Adam

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 10.25.49 AM

Set OAM / OIM Log Levels Quickly for 11gR2 PS2

Out are the days of opening up an XML file and then bouncing servers to change the log files for the main systems. Here’s how to do it quick and easy: 1. Login to the Enterprise Manager 2. Go to: Identity and Access > OIM / OAM > oim( / oam( 3. From the server…