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Error: You are not authorized to configure this web server

When installing the webgate for Oracle Access Manager (OAM), there’s a step you have to run to edit the httpd.conf file: [WG_HOME]/webgate/apache/tools/setup/InstallTools/EditHttpConf If you see this error, there’s an easy fix for you: Error: You are not authorized to configure this web server All you need to do is edit the httpd.conf file manually and…

DollarSign Fails with invalid username/password

So, you’re cruising along, installing a new setup of OIM 11gR2 PS2. You’ve run the RCU to create the schemas, and even made a decent password like “Aw3s0mePa$w0rd”. Then you’ve moved on to down the steps to configuring your Weblogic domain and everything goes smoothly. Patch Set Assistant… no problems. Then, the¬† script… [1337¬†/u01/app/oracle/Middleware/oracle_common/common/bin]$ ./…


Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 Deployment Wizard with Amazon EC2 Setup Walkthrough

Wow, that’s a long title. =) My buddy Alex over at recently put up a posting about how to use the new Oracle Identity Management Deployment wizard to do the entire Fusion Middleware stack as basically a silent install. It’s pretty awesome. For most of us though, running these things locally consumes a massive…


Oracle Home vs. Middleware Home vs. Weblogic Home

A lot of people that are thrown into the fire of Oracle’s wonderful documentation of installing OIM / OAM / OID etc tend to get the ORACLE_HOME and MW_HOME variables mixed up. Here’s a nice graphic to help out:


Changing OAM Log Levels

I’m posting this more for quick reference than anything else =) cd $ORACLE_HOME/common/bin ./ wls:/offline> connect() Please enter your username [weblogic] :weblogic Please enter your password [welcome1] :Welcome1 Please enter your server URL [t3://localhost:7001] :t3:// To list the current log level: wls:/oam_domain/serverConfig> listLoggers(pattern=”oracle.oam.*”,target=”oam_server1″) To change the loglevel: wls:/oam_domain/serverConfig> domainRuntime() wls:/oam_domain/serverConfig> setLogLevel(logger=”oracle.oam”,level=”TRACE:1″, persist=”0″, target=”oam_server1″) (persist makes…