LDIF Tools

To accompany the cool LDIF creator tool here:


I’ve made this little perl script to add them to groups in OUD to do some load testing / timings. Thought others might want it to start from:



Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 Deployment Wizard with Amazon EC2 Setup Walkthrough

Wow, that’s a long title. =) My buddy Alex over at IDM.guru recently put up a posting about how to use the new Oracle Identity Management Deployment wizard to do the entire Fusion Middleware stack as basically a silent install. It’s pretty awesome. For most of us though, running these things locally consumes a massive…


Quick Test For Intermittent Web Issues

Do you work with load balancers with an Identity Management SSO solution? Yes? Then… IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT! Well, not really. But whenever a user can’t get to their app, they’ll immediately blame you for it =) A problem that I deal with time and time again is the problem of a load balancer failing,…