DollarSign Fails with invalid username/password

So, you’re cruising along, installing a new setup of OIM 11gR2 PS2. You’ve run the RCU to create the schemas, and even made a decent password like “Aw3s0mePa$w0rd”. Then you’ve moved on to down the steps to configuring your Weblogic domain and everything goes smoothly. Patch Set Assistant… no problems. Then, the¬† script… [1337¬†/u01/app/oracle/Middleware/oracle_common/common/bin]$ ./…


SSL Timeouts with Load Balancers after OAM Upgrade to 11gR2PS2

Pulling from some archival problems I’ve had in the past, I figured I should share them and their solutions here in case others are racking their brains on them. A while back I upgraded an OAM 11gR2 ( environment to OAM 11gR2PS2 ( and everything stopped working. More specifically, when I would send a request…